Who we are...

The Brookhaven Animal Rescue League was established in 1981 and opened an Adoption Center in 2006.  BARL does not receive any government funding, therefore, is dependent on donations from individuals and businesses, and many fund-raising efforts.

In 2019, we took in over 1,300 dogs and cats that were rehomed or sent on transport to shelters in the Northern U.S. where they were quickly adopted.

In addition, we financially assisted in the spay/neuter of over 250 owned and community animals in the tri-county area.

We are small, but mighty!  We do all we can to help the animals in our area, which helps the people, and ultimately helps our communities.  

A community service for those needing to find a new home for their pet is Rehome, click on the Rehome banner below to find out more.


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