Spay/Neuter Your Pet!  BARL will help if we can...

BARL offers discount spay/neuter vouchers throughout the year.  At different times, we have different programs, depending if we received grant money and what the grantor guidelines include.

Currently, BARL has two Discount Spay/Neuter Programs.

  1. Individuals on a government assistance program living in Copiah, Franklin or Lincoln County qualify for a voucher that provides a $40 discount on a female spay (dog or cat) and a $25 discount on a male neuter (dog or cat).  Contact one of these veterinary clinics to find out about a voucher for your pet:
  • Animal Health Center - 601-833-7788
  • Animal Medical Center - 601-833-0589
  • Brookhaven Animal Hospital - 601-833-1223
  • Copiah Animal Hospital - 601-892-4607
  • Larkin Veterinary Clinic - 601-384-8555

2.  Animal Medical Center and Copiah Animal Hospital also have discount vouchers ranging from $35 - $55 to have your dog or cat spayed/neutered and vaccinated against rabies.  Must be a resident of Copiah, Franklin or Lincoln County.  Check with each clinic to find out about other qualifications. 


Thanks to these organizations for partnering with us to save more animals: