Spay/Neuter Your Pet!  BARL will help if we can...

BARL offers discount spay/neuter vouchers throughout the year.  At different times, we have different programs, depending if we received grant money and what the grantor guidelines include.

Currently, BARL has two Discount Spay/Neuter Programs.

  1. Individuals on a government assistance program living in Copiah, Franklin or Lincoln County qualify for a voucher that provides a $40 discount on a female spay (dog or cat) and a $25 discount on a male neuter (dog or cat).  Contact one of these veterinary clinics to find out about a voucher for your pet:
  • Animal Health Center - 601-833-7788
  • Brookhaven Animal Hospital - 601-833-1223
  • Copiah Animal Hospital - 601-892-4607
  • Larkin Veterinary Clinic - 601-384-8555

2.  Animal Medical Center has discount vouchers ranging from $40-$45 to have your dog or cat spayed/neutered and vaccinated against rabies.  Must be a resident of Copiah, Franklin or Lincoln County.  Individuals must be on a government assistance program. AMC and BARL will have specials for educators, etc. during the year. Follow our FB page to know about specials  


Thanks to these organizations for partnering with us to save more animals: